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Our face has 43 muscles. These muscles are the reason we can display 27 universal facial expressions. However, these expressions can last for ¼ of a second, so what does this mean? In a high stakes meeting, interview or investigation a person will display emotions on the face, voice and body. These expressions are scientifically proven to tell us what is going on in the mind of the person being interviewed. In short, is a person trying to deceive us? or prevent a truth from being revealed? 

Within 7 seconds, 3 points of interest seen through 2 channels of communication tells me that deception is occurring. When asked a question emotions, memories and imagination play a critical part in an individual`s answer. 


Using specialised training and skills, a BAII (Behavioural Analysis Investigative interviewer) can determine and detect deception and also review footage of interviews or real time situations. In normal situations an average person can detect when a person is lying with an accuracy of 52%. With BAII the success rate is 80%-90%.


Security industry.

Vetting potential employees or business partners.

High stakes business negotiations.

The context of all “leakage” is dependant upon the situation, the environment and the person. So seeing an individual in a normal situation will create a baseline and strengthen what the BAII will see when interviewing the individual.


The skills used have been developed by Professor Paul Ekman after over 30 years research, and adopted by secret services and agencies in the USA, UK and many other countries in the fight on terrorism and policing. 

Adrian Bell is a member of the Association Of British Investigators. (ABI)

BAII has valuable benefits that a polygraph cannot determine. BAII has the flexibility to respond to the emotions and event as it occurs, giving the opportunity to explore the individuals account when an untruth is displayed. Closed questions do not reveal the subjects state of mind at the time of an event, or in the here and now. 

Based in Spalding Lincolnshire, travel to London, Birmingham, Cambridgeshire, East Midlands are areas that can be covered. However if there is an exceptional situation other locations will be considered. For a friendly informal discussion please get in touch. 


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