Adrian Bell Behaviour Analysis Consultancy Services 



BAII is not new, but due to the success of it`s use being reported more and more, organisations are embracing the benefits of the application.
Organisations: Security industry, National and international companies, insurance companies. All have a need for this service. This could be to identify some one suspected of industrial espionage or the credibility of an individual seeking a high position within a large organisation. What ever the purpose, this approach can eliminate potential financial loss and also preserve the reputation of an organisation. By using an external professional, bias would not play a part in any decision making or pre conceived conclusion. Client confidentiality is paramount to ABBACS. Ensuring total transparent consulting and reporting. 
Reviewing of Recordings. A useful tool in deception detection, however one cannot ask a recording a question.
Real time Interviews. Give the analyst first hand information and able to determine the credibility of the responses.
COSTS. £60 Per Hour. (Min of 3 hours on site)
Travel Expenses. 0.45 per mile or for longer distances rail fair costs.
Payment of invoices to be paid within 7 days of receipt.
In extreme situations where overnight accommodation is required this will be covered by the client. 
A detailed report will be provided highlighting areas of concern or issues that may need addressing.